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An excursion to the Guadalajara Zoo is the perfect opportunity for fun learning, by experiencing first-hand the Flora and Fauna of Jalisco surrounded in a natural family setting, all families and students are immersed in the local natural world. The herpetario of the park is considered The largest in Latin America and shows visitors, through its modern exhibitions, aviary, safari, Masai Mara, aquarium, herpetary, the habitats and life habits of the reptile world, such as: crocodiles, poisonous snakes, iguanas and turtles, among others.

Guadalajara Zoo Trip

This offer includes the cable car called Sky zoo!

In our tour of the animal park you already have tickets included in the price of the Tour to follow the Zoo's timetable. In this way it will no longer be necessary to ask how to get there, pay up to $ 180 pesos for a one way taxi and $ 180 return each time. In addition, taxis leave you at the entrance of the station from where you walk about a kilometer.

Huentitán contains an exact reproduction of the flora and fauna of Jalisco and the Huentitán ravine, but in its night phase.

Guadalajara Zoo

As if you were a bird! From the sky you can see a variety of animals on board this cable car. The Sky Zoo lines cover almost the entire park with impressive panoramic views of the Santiago River Canyon.

Guadalajara Zoo Attractions

What is Included in the Tour?


  • Round transportation to / From your hotel  / private adress to Zoo premises
  • Admision tickets to all Zoo attractions
  • Skyzoo - Ride aboard a cable car and see the zoo like no one before. You'll be suspended over 15 meters high and get to see different angles of the zoo including its beautiful gardens and exhibits.
  • Monkeyland - Home to species of primates from America, Africa and Asia. You'll be able to see them and learn about them through different educative modules with information and images. You can even have a close encounter with lemurs and squirrel monkeys.
  • Antartica - 12 Adelie penguins, 6 males and 6 females. See them in their environment which has been carefully created to resemble the conditions in the Antarctica. The Guadalajara Zoo is the only one in Mexico to keep Adelie penguins.
  • Aquarium - One of the greatest aquariums in Mexico.  As you walk under the water see sharks right above !
  • Tropical Jungle - learn about chimpanzees, orangutans, jaguars, anteaters, sloth bears and more. This exhibit opened in 2001 and has been built to give these animals a home for healthy growth including tropical vegetation and temperature.
  • Herpetarium - Reptiles and amphibians including large snakes, Nile river crocodiles, and more. This herpetarium is one of most respectable in Latin America due to the species it's home to and its conservation efforts.
  • Australian Village - Kangourous, birds and other living species typical of this continent surrounded by waterfalls will welcome you to this quiet area or Guadalajara Zoo.
  • Safari Masai Mara - Ride through the reserve admiring specifies such as giraffes and ostriches. The reserve has 8 hectares and has been created to give animals a free space to roam and feel like home with no barriers

Forget the hassle and start enjoying your quality time.   Reserve now for this great activity in Guadalajara City !

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