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Tequila Trail Tour

Tequila Trail Tour

What is Tequila Tour?

Touristic tour of the Tequila Trail to visit several interesting attractions before visiting the magical town of Tequila Jalisco.

Tequila Trail TourThis beautiful experience begins in Guadalajara departing by bus from La Minerva (historical monument) to cross the city to the highway to Nogales. Our first view from the vehicle is the Omnilife Stadium – imposing modernist structure and home of succer team Las Chivas – right in front before the spring forest national park. We stop at Arenal – gateway to Agave Landscape (UNESCO 2006) to see the natural beauty of the valley where Jimadores invite you to practice your skills in the fields of Agave Azul.

We reach the magical town of Tequila Jalisco to see the most interesting attractions of this town of 30 000 inhabitants. Your professional tour guide shows the beauty of the place and then take time off to continue exploring the best places already described.

Tequila Trail Tour

What is Tequila Tour?

Local cuisine is an important part of this experience thus we propose several options to taste the regional dishes (Food not included)

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